A Day in London

Today was another busy and exhausting day in London, I was up finishing my prep work until late last night before a very early start this morning.

Now I have a magazine project to finish up so the adhesive dries ready for me to post tomorrow - I'll let you know when to look out for it! :o) 

I received lots of emails today and I promise to answer them all tomorrow, but for now, I must sleep!!

Sarah x


  1. Sarah
    You're an absolute darling - I can comment!!! Yippee!! Everyone, all thanks to Sarah I can now comment on blogs whereas I was having some troubles previously. Despite her being very busy, she took the time to very quickly answer my email. I hope that you're not overdoing it Sarah but know that I really appreciate the time and effort you took to answer my query.

  2. Hey Sarah, how are you doing? looks like you've been busy again lol

  3. Good luck with the project but it sounds like you need a breather first!