Rocket Age Card!

Last week I got a lovely box of scrappy goodies including the beautiful 'Rocket Age' line from October Afternoon. I was a little bit stuck as to what exactly to do with it as it's very geared towards little boys and I don't know any little boys to scrapbook! so I made some cards instead (it's too gorgeous not to start using!)

Here is the first one...

I can't wait to make more projects with it - too pretty!

This weekend I took most of the weekend off and played my xbox until my eyes dried up and fell out (well, nearly!) it was such fun, my sister thinks I'm secretly a teenage boy - video games are my guilty pleasure!

Sarah x


  1. This is so cool! I can't relate to the video game thing but my mom and aunt can. When the nintendo's first came out we would have all weekend sleepovers at my aunts house because my mom and aunt would be up til 3-4 am playing mario bros. and zelda...our friends thought our moms were so cool, but we were hungry...very hungry...and too young to know how to work the oven to throw in a frozen pizza! lol

  2. Love the card, I don't get the video game thing but DH loves playing football on his PS3 & still manages to shout at the ref as much as if it was a real life footy match :D