Letraset Promarker Ultra Fine Nibs

A few weeks ago Letraset sent me some of these lovelies to test and blog about - the new Ultra Fine Nibs!

I've been using them but haven't got round to the bloggy bit yet, so here we go! These clip over the end of your Promarkers (at the smaller bullet tip end) and create and much more detailed nib for your colouring or drawing. You can see from the strokes here (Chisel nib, bullet nib and the new Ultra Fine Nib)

I found my own design stamp of the Gingerbread House (from the Christmas Cheer set) as I knew it had lots of fine detail, I remember making samples for the shows and struggling a little bit with the colouring of this one, I was using a 'dotting' technique to get the colour as precise as possible and correcting any mistakes with a white or colour gel pen, I knew if the new ultra fine nibs could tackle this challenge I'd be sold! This is one of my favourite ever stamps and I make lots of my Christmas cards with it so it's important to me to be able to get the colouring right!

First I stamped the image onto Rymans coated card using a Memento ink pad so I knew there would be no bleeding or smudging, the I started to colour the main part of the house, starting with my darkest shade first into the shadow areas. The one on the left is with the normal fine end of the pen and the one on the right is with the ultra fine nib attached...

If you click on the pictures you can see closely, there is some slight bleeding on the normal nib (I would normally have covered this over with a white gel pen and added stickles to hide it) and the one on the right has no bleeding at all - I've managed to get right into those detailed areas as well!

The places on this image that I've struggled with previously are the detail round the door and the window frame, again some comparisons with the normal nib on the left and the ultra fine nib on the right... (you can click on the images to make them bigger)



Here is the final image, again coloured with just the normal Promarker on the left and with the Ultra fine nibs on the right

As you can see, once complete there probably isn't an awful lot of difference unless you look very closely, but being a bit of a perfectionist every smudge to me looks 200% bigger than it actually is, so these new nibs are fantastic, it just gives your colouring in that extra bit of polish and more professional results - try them now, you get free nibs with every purchase of Promarkers either directly from Letraset or through selected retailers - check your local art or craft shop for details!

And finally, here is the card I made from the final coloured image... (the perfect one of course!)

The papers are the lovely TPC studios 'Christmas Village' range, contact Bramwells for stockists.

I'll be posting some more Promarker tips and tricks soon, I just need some better light to photograph all my projects!

Sarah x


  1. Wow, that's such a good idea. I've not been using Promarkers for long but I already find it hard to get into finer details. Do you have one for each colour or do they not transfer the ink from one pen to another? Love the card by the way. :)

  2. Great card!What a great idea the fine point nibs are!