Lights, Camera, Action! (ish...)

Today I'm sharing a little video preview I made of my new 'Tinseltown' CD. Because of the discussions with Craftime and getting everything moved over and other projects which came up, my Christmas CD was a little late this year and we haven't had time to sort out an actual show of it like my previous one, although I have tried to make it up to you with lots of sneak peeks and projects from me and my lovely Design Team (you can see the previews in this post here) but I thought it would be nice to make a little video so you can see how much is really on the CD.

It's not HD or anything, I just filmed it at my desk on my little Canon G11 (I missed the fancy camera crew! lol) and I probably waffle too much with no presenter to keep me in check! but hopefully it will inspire you and show you more of what is on the CD than I could possibly show in sneak peeks and projects (there is a lot on there!)

Today we also have more inspiration for you from Melly and Claire (you can also see all of the past projects in one place on my Facebook page if you don't want to scroll through my previous posts)

Thanks so much for looking and all of the lovely comments received so far, I can't wait to see your Tinseltown projects!

Sarah x

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