*New* Documented365 and Project Life!

In my previous post I mentioned that lots of new Documented365 goodies were on their way and they are now here! Here is a little peek...

I wanted to show you how I use my Documented365 bits and pieces, and hopefully give you some inspiration. Of course, I use them in my regular scrapping but just recently I've started my Project Life album and these fit perfectly with that. The reason I created Documented365 was because I loved the concept of Project Life but it was just a little bit too quick and simple for me (I do love to complicate things! lol) and I wanted to mix things up a bit and keep my own style and keep things very creative and tailored to each week. I know lots of people love to use the core kits to make a perfectly coordinated album, but for me, every week is different and I wanted my album to reflect that.

I did buy the gorgeous Honey core kit and recently swapped half of it for half of someones Jade kit (which I loved so much I will be buying a whole one, though I will probably swap half for something else too!) but I add in other bits, cards made from scraps, cards from other manufacturers, cards from my 'A Few of My Favourite Things...' kits and of course, my Documented365 cards and embellishments. So here is a weeks spread for you to see how I put it all together... (you can click to see the pictures bigger)

This card was made just from scraps of October Afternoon, used to make a custom header card - I like to put the dates at the beginning as I didn't start from January 1st.
Here are some Documented365 cards in with the Honey cards and a custom card - see how it all fits together - love! I also used one of the chipboard slide frames and covered it in gold stickles to highlight my shiny gold picture!
Here I've used some of my stamps directly on my Instagram prints (I get mine from Printed.com in 2 sizes)
I cut into this Honey Project Life card to make a photo holder, the clouds hold the picture in place! those alpha stickers are from Simple Stories Sn@p and are brilliant value as you get lots of different colours in one pack! The 'Awesomesauce' stamp is one of mine :o)
Here the 'Everyday Moments' header card is a Documented365 chalkboard card, the gold foil letterpress card is from Skipping5 (gorgeous!) and the little chalkboard pin badge and hashtag and 'amazeballs' stamps are from my range.
The currents card is from Documented365, (there is a little sneaky peek at my big exciting project right there in the top corner if you have a look ;o))
Here are another couple of close ups - you can see I've done a lot of stamping in Hero Arts neon pink ink -love it so much, I'm obsessed! and there is some washi tape too
Finally, a close up of each side, here is the left side...

and the right side...

My album is still coordinated but it won't look the same as anyone else's who has the same core kit, which is what I wanted. The Core Kits are such a great foundation, I just wanted to build on that and keep things unique and I think Documented365 fills that gap - I hope you agree!

I'll be sharing some more of my Project Life soon - I'm still catching up from the middle of June when I started - B bought me the core kit and album as one of my birthday pressies (he knows me so well!)

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x


  1. Oooooh! I have never been here before! You are so talented! I will stay for a while and have a look around! Have a nice day!

  2. totally LOVE! Gorgeous! I could look at your pages for hours Sarah! Totally another obsession - along with all the others including the journal one *SIGH* LOL!

  3. Thanks Sarah for sharing, I am so wanting to start an album and need this type of inspiration.

    It looks a perfect way to scrap and record all thoe special moments that can so easily be forgotten.

    Claire x