More Spring Cleaning!

Last night I got a sudden burst of energy around midnight and spent two hours cleaning and reorganising my studio (it's still only half way done!) this morning I cleaned and organised my desk and updated my to-do list. I was going to take all my Vogue's out of the fireplace and put them away but I like them there and it would look empty without them I think, there is room for a second row on top so I've got space for another 2-3 years worth :o)

I'm quite liking this spring cleaning malarky, makes the mind a cleaner, tidier place! I think I'm all caught up on e-mails now as well and I crossed 3 things off the new "to do" list - good start!!

I have also found a new love for accessorizing, I've always loved scarves (I have a collection of vintage 40's and 50's headscarves for my stepford wife days) and legwarmers and hair accessories but jewellery always irritated me so I only ever wore my earrings and my engagement ring but I seem to have become obssessed with big chunky rings and bracelets recently - this is todays little (big) gem...

Now I'm off for some Toad in the Hole (yum!) and some alone time with my Aurora Teagarden book which I'm LOVING!

Sarah x


  1. well done Sarah - you are really getting organised
    Lisa ;)

  2. Send some organizing love across the pond. I am in the middle of renovating my kitchen and the mess is driving me crazy! I love your ring, btw. I hope you post more pics of your sparkling, clean studio.:-)

  3. Great job organizing...trying to find the willpower to clean here! Love the bling ring!! Totally fabulous!!

  4. very impressed with the spring cleaning malarky !! and LOVING the accessories ie - ring !!

  5. Oh. Thud. That ring is amazing, Sarah!

  6. Hiya Sarah! How organised are you?! And that ring!!! LOVE it!

    BTW, I wanted to thank you for the Christmas card. It arrived 3 days after Christmas... lol. Thank-you for remembering li'l old me! :)

    Hugs, Meesh. xxx