My Revamped Studio!

I mentioned last week I was tidying and rearranging my studio, I made about 3 floor plans (yes, I like to do these things properly and I am qualified as an interior designer - bet you didn't know that!!) went back and forth trying to decide if I needed / could fit in more furniture and finally settled on just a new desk using my old desk for storage - though I may replace this with an Ikea storage unit at some point (when I can be bothered to move everything again!!!) So here it is.....

The new desk and my old desk, now used as storage, shelves full of boxes of paper (eeek!)

The other end of the room with the magic built in cupboard that hides all of my shoeboxes full of buttons / ribbons / embellies etc etc and boxes of past work and samples for various things... it's like Narnia in there - don't go near the back!!!

My little reading area - somewhere to spend some quiet time when OH watches the footie at stadium volume *sigh* - those are my craft mags piled up behind the sofa - yes I do have a bit of a problem.... LOL

The top of my shelving unit with some of my fave things, mostly things I've made and my favourite Living Dead Doll

realised today how many sprays I have (ooops!) most of them are my own brand though and I need them for demo-ing etc....

The wall behing the new desk is a bit bare so will have to make something to go there but so far I love it!!! so much more room rather than being constantly surrounded by bits - I need a completely clear surface when I start crafting and I never got that before as I didn't have enough surfaces!!!

Today I just wanted to look at it so no crafting in it as yet but tomorrow I have CHA samples to finish off and a couple of projects to do so it will start to be used - can't wait :o)

Sarah x


  1. This looks great.
    Nice roomy space

  2. wow, I must say it's looking pretty spectacular.

    hugs Clare x

  3. Looks great! Love the Narnia comment. My closet is the same way!

  4. Oh! I am sooo jealous - it's fantastic. I almost had a craft room, then fell pregnant with a SURPRISE baby LOL. So there went the craft room. I have dreams about it. Just waiting for my conservatory to be built so I can claim it!

    L :)

  5. woot! bet you are thrilled! Have fun creating in there!