A new week....

...and a new 'To-Do' list and, as ever, it's a MONSTER! LOL lots of the things are little things though so I'm confident I'll get over half done, and I've made a good start today! Despite the fact that I'm starting a sugar / carb detox today and my head is banging and I want sugar RIGHT NOW! seriously, I think I'd swap my shoe collection for a square of chocolate, actually no, maybe not!!! But still day 1 is the hardest, tomorrow I will be on FIRE! (ha!)

Today I've been surrounded by sketchbooks (I keep one for each thing that I'm working on to stay organised!) starting sketches and finalising designs for some fab new things, I'm so excited about what this year will bring :o)

I won't ramble too long today, I really need to go and scream into a pillow (quietly so I don't hurt my head - why do I do these crazy things?!) but I did just want to ask for the help of my crafty friends and readers. My friend Michelle has recently become involved with the Childrens Charity Post Pals after her nephew sadly died. This is a fantastic cause and brings a smile to the faces of some very very ill children, so please spare just one or two of your lovely creations, write a little note and send to a sick child, you could make their whole week!

I'm off to snuggle with Fuzzybutt now (who smells lush and is super fluffy after a big bath yesterday) she's not to happy with me as she had to have a Pawdicure yesterday (claw trim!) and she hates her claws touched so she's still giving me that injured puppy dog look while flouncing around sighing, a cuddle may help!

Sarah x

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  1. Oh I think I have the same to do list! Hope you manage to tick some off this week! Kim