Some News... (Part 2)

The second part of my news today....

I am now also working with a fabulous company called Crafty Ribbons!

Please pop over and take a look at their online shop, there is so much variety - print, bling, dots... *sigh* I love ribbon and was so excited to have a big bag of it arrive!

I have so many ideas for projects but for the moment I'm content to just look at the pretty colours! LOL (seriously though, projects coming soon!) First up I'm having a go with the new cotton and twill ribbon selection, super quality and sooo many colours to choose from and you can recolour if necessary with your Promarkers etc... and stamp on it (demos soon) - gorgeous!

So thats all from me, no more excitement this week unless something wonderfully unexpected happens later in the week (I can hope, right? :o) ) Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday.

I'll be back tomorrow with some crafty stuff - I actually managed to make something today - wooo!

Sarah x


  1. Mmmm, ribbon is yummy! Congratulations!

  2. I love ribbons too! congrats on all of your neat, cool stuff happening to you. WTG, girl!!!

  3. Beautiful colors - I often use ribbon in my decorating too.

  4. oooooooo and ahhhhhh. congrats. what a great gig.