A Lazy (ish) Sunday

Started the day working on my Creative Entrepreneur journal, my little sister bought me the Creative Entreprenuer book for my birthday and I have been working on my journal for the last few weeks following the exercises in the book, I have to say I've had some quite surprising results but its nice to get everuything on paper and really does give you a clear road map of where you're going and what you want to achieve!

I tried to make OH a pie for Sunday dinner, it looked yummy but didn't taste quite as I had expected unfortunately, I'm not the greatest cook on the world* (*understatement of the year) but my pie is usually OK! I'm losing the few cooking skills I did possess! Ah well, I barely do it anyway so I don't spose it matters that much and he enjoyed it - quote "I quite like it when it's all soggy" bwahahahahhaha!

And I did go to the trouble of fashioning our initials and a heart out of the remaining pastry - that makes up for it lacking a bit in the taste department right?

This afternoon I uploaded a few more downloads to Craftsuprint, they havent't been verified as of right now but you should be able to see them soon! I'm off to doodle a few things for my own site now. I also tested some colours for a limited edition set of sprays coming to the website soon, so look out for those!! I also need to work on some things for the other things I have going on in the background although I will be doing that from the comfort of the sofa snuggled up with OH and fuzzybutt :o)

Luckily I treated myself to a chocolate cherry cake from M&S yesterday so some of that with some Sainsburys Chantilly vanilla cream has made up for my pie attempt!

I'm on the hunt for another book to read after finishing Eat, Pray, Love (thank you to whoever recommended that one!) so any recommendations please??

Sarah x

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