The start of another busy week!

Off to the productive start of another busy week! Lots of updates in the shop with international shipping options, lots of new downloads and the new Limited Edition set of Sprays - if you love Twilight and Vampires and Halloween you're going to NEED these colours! They are LUSH and selling like hotcakes so make sure you get yours!
I've also started some new projects today which you will be seeing very soon and working on something for one of my friends who will will be telling you all about her new project soon - I'll be sure to let you know when its all up and running!

I'm still working on those Promarker tips and tricks I promised you and I promise to post them soon! For now, a couple of tips to help you get started...

* Test your pens on your chosen paper or cardstock first to get an idea of the bleed - or opt for Letraset paper which doesn't bleed!
* If you are stamping your image use my inkpads which have been specially formulated to help prevent bleed or Momento inkpads which also don't bleed (remember they only minimise bleed and aren't 100% bleedproof so dont do washes of colour over the lines), alternatively emboss your image first
* colour in circles rather than lines, it gives a smoother finish
* Start with your darkest colour and apply your shaded areas using your lighter colour to blend

Hope that helps you get started - don't be scared Promarkers are fantastic and once you get the hang of them you'll be hooked!

Happy colouring!

Sarah x

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