A Day in London

Today was another day in London for me - I seem to spending more and more time there! Today I met with Lyn Stone, a fellow illustrator, we went to Starbucks (my second of the week, heaven!) to have a chinwag and catch up on book fair gossip and illustration projects. Lyn has been doing this for longer than me so it was lovely of her to share her wisdom with me and answer my many many questions! We have such different styles that there is no fear of competition so we can be free to talk about all our projects, so nice as I often have to keep everything a secret for months!

Central London was so nice and warm today, although the tube was hotter than the sun!!! London is lovely but so busy and crowded - it's lovely to get back to my quiet corner of Essex :o)

Tomorrow I'm going to the library to have a look at a few things Lyn suggested to me and then I have SO much stuff to catch up on, what with only having 2 proper work days this week and I only have 3 next week as I have 2 days in London again!

Sarah x


  1. sounds like a lovely day! I loved the time I spent in London last May. :)

  2. sounds like a perfect day!!!