London Baybeeeee!

Today was another day in London for me and what a lovely day it was, the sun was shining (but not too hot) and everyone seemed to be in a good mood, me included!!

I started off in Islington, which is lovely - much better than my last visit about 10 years ago!! There are some nice shops and at one point there is a bookshop, CyberCandy and Starbucks all next to each other - it's like it was made for me!!! Me and B have planned a little day out these when I go to another show there in a few weeks time - I can't wait!! Now just have to decide which of the lovely little places and pubs we will have lunch in!

Anywaaaaay! the point of that was my visit to the UK Stationery Show which was held at the Business Design Centre. It was a lovely show, quite small but very buzzy and seemed to be lots happening! I met some nice people, good potential things and I look forward to seeing how it develops at the next one :o) Unfortunately I only got this one pic as I got distracted by all the pretty notebooks and things once I got inside - Booootiful!

Then I was off to the London Book Fair, I was soooo nervous as it was my first time and I knew it was a big show (though I didnt realise quite how big!) My work was being shown there as well after returning from the Bologna Book Fair and I was meeting with the agent who was representing me in person for the first time for an update and a chat as well as having a scout around the publishers to see who I'd like to work for (they are all my new best friends and I'll be ringing them every ten minutes til they give me some work :o) s'joke, honest!)

Now my work has been shown and pawed over (and admired, hopefully!) I'm now free to show off all of those pieces I was working on - yay! So look out for those over the coming days.

Now I'm back to my sunny corner of Essex, my feet are broked, I'm dehydrated from all the talking and laughing with lovely peeps and my arms hurt from hauling back a TON of publishers catalogues. I kinda wish I could go again tomorrow but instead I'll be drawing, e-mailing, planning and looking forward to the next one :o)

More exciting things tomorrow!!

Sarah x