My Little Break...

So this week I spent 2 days with my family up north in Durham - yay!

I got there very late Sunday night / Monday morning, intending to give my mum her mothers day card and a quick hug and go straight to bed, of course that wasn't quite how it went and we were still awake at 8am Monday morning with no sleep and a full day planned!! We sneaked a little nap while everyone got ready and fed the animals (quite a feat at my parents house, dogs, rabbits, birds, chickens, ducks... you name it they've got it!) then we all jumped in the car (quite literally in my case as my dad has a Land Rover and I'm only 5ft tall!) We went off to Newcastle to look at in an art shop recommended to me by my Twitter friend Jax - thanks Jax, we loved it! My mum and dad bought me some lovely new Moleskine Journals - they have my two favourite things, Kraft covers and Squared paper - journal heaven!!!!!!!!

Then we went off to the comic shop where I did my absolute best to resist the temptation of beautifully illustrated graphic novels and all of the fabulous Zombie books and merchandise as well as they lovely art books - it was a tough thing to do!!

My dad had heard about Chinatown and wanted to go and take some pictures, here is the entrance to Chinatown - this man asked us to take his picture so we all did, then we took one on his camera for him - bwahahahaha ;o)

Chinatown was nice but mostly full of food places, made my tummy rumble with all the lovely smells - Chinese food is my absolute favourite! All of the buildings had these lovely lanterns outside

Here are my little squishies with one of the lions...

I say 'little' but Harley (in black) is now taller than me and Xena (in pink) is only a few inches shorter than me and will be towering over me in no time *sigh*

On the way back into town I spotted this darling little restaurant, how pretty is that sign??

We will have to try it on our next visit!

This man was outside Starbucks..... shame about all the scaffolding behind him!

And finally, this little wooden sculpture outside Newcastle station....

On the way home we of course had to stop off at Hobbycraft, I was very good though, only one small bag of stuff ;o)

Back to work today catching up on millions of emails and Fuzzybutt and OH were very pleased to have me home after much sulking(from Fuzzybutt not OH ;o) )

Sarah x


  1. looks like a lovely time! it is nice to be missed though, isnt it?

  2. Glad you had a good time :D

  3. Great pics and it sounds fabulous.