A *New* Release - By Popular Demand!

As I've mentioned before I'm having real trouble keeping my Wonderland CD in stock, despite me increasing the order each time!! (I actually do have a few in stock atthe moment - wooo!) of course I'm super pleased it's proved so popular but I have been asked by people when they have been out of stock if I could do some digi stamps so there was an instant download option.

So by popular demand, there are now 10 Digi Stamps available of Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, The Queen of Hearts and a group of them all together, each stamp is available in black and white and colour.

Of course, the original CD is also available along with the matching ink sprays and all can be purchased through my shop!

And in other news.... I'm still working on new designs - yay! and I'm off to Durham on Sunday night to see my parents and sisters. One of my sisters just got engaged (the other two are too young yet! LOL) and I can't wait to check out her engagement ring in real life, the pictures are gorgeous. She went for a pink stone and mine is yellow - I guess we have a thing for coloured stones in my family!

Have lovely weekends!

Sarah x


  1. congrats on not being able to keep the CD in stock~that is a good thing!!!

  2. adorable! and Connie is right! OUT OF STOCK is an amazing accomplishment at any level!

  3. This is totally cute. I love it! Congrats on all the amazing sales.

    Thanks for sharing.