Getting Organised

Yesterday and Today I spent trying to get myself organised, I'm working on so many projects for so many different areas that I was surrounded by different piles of paper - letters, sketches, emails, proposals, drafts, colour swatches, ideas scribbled on scraps of paper, product specs, lists, reference pictures, you name it, I've got it!!! So I spent a few hours with this book:

The Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real 

Working through step by step, getting all my ideas on paper, deciding what is important, what isn't as important, what I can cut out of my overloaded schedule and what I need to pay more attention to! The armed with multi-coloured files and folders, labels, notebooks and pens (I do love stationery! LOL), I got myself completely organised. I run all the updates on my pooter, backed everything up, sorted all the scraps of paper, filed all of my sketches and ideas then I sat down with a big pad and a sharpie and started mind maps for all the different things I wanted to do and how to start etc... I must say after I finished I felt a huge weight had been lifted!! It's like suddenly being given a map after walking round in circles for ages. All I have left to do is gluing all of my magazine cuttings into a journal which I might do tonight.

A few things that came out of it all surprised me, I was surprised by what actually wasn't as important as I thought and what I really really wanted wasn't what I necessarily thought it would be!

I also started organising my inspiration file on my pooter, my blogs in google reader and have unfollowed some people on twitter who were no longer totally relevant to me (I always feel horrible unfollowing incase someone thinks they done something wrong, but half of my feed was things not relevant to me anymore)

I think I gave OH the spring cleaning bug because he started tidying and organising the house as I was working, now it feels like the cobwebs have been blown off and I can move forward *sigh*

Now I'm back to the drawing board (literally) working on some new product designs :o)

Sarah x


  1. sounds Amazing - feeling that i must do the same!

  2. I love that shiny new organised feeling, I desperately need to have a good sort out & reorganise. Good for you for getting it done. Can't wait to see what you've got in the pipeline as it were :D

  3. I've been working my way through that book too :) Hope it is helping you and clearing up those thoughts. Have you seen Lisa's blog?
    Good luck and can not wait to see the result :)