Help Save Daisy!

I completely forgot to mention yesterday, fellow lovely crafter Kirsty Wiseman is running a huge crafty raffle to raise money to help a family who have a dog that needs urgent treatment but sadly it's £1600 and they need some help, if Daisy doesn't get help she will have to be put down. Just the though makes my heart break, if anything happened to my little Fuzzybutt I'd be lost, I can't even imagine how the poor family are feeling right now.

Myself and other craft companies have donated lots of prizes so the prize is going to be a super-duper one, please pop over to Kirsty's blog, read the full story, see Daisy's cute face and dig deep for a good cause!

Thank you!
Sarah x

1 comment:

  1. I have got my ticket already .. i cant imagine losing my little bobby doggy - so had to help
    Lisa x