Promarker Storage and A Quick Card

Today I made this card, again using the Kuretake papers that are my current obssession (it's not my fault, I love polka dots!) and my Woodland Whimsies Owl & Cloud stamps, coloured with my Promarkers. This took about 10 minutes - perfect for one of those last minute "ooops I forgot til just now" cards.

I've had lots of questions about how I store my Promarkers and what I keep them all in, well, you may have seen this big black box in the background of most of the photos taken on my work table....

Well, it contains all my Promarkers...

Finally, a box that fits them all in and with a bit of space in case Letraset make more colours! :o) and best of all it was only about a fiver in the sale from one of those 'homeware' shops my Mother-in-Law makes me go to every so often in her attempts to try and 'domesticate' me, while I of course look for things to store craft stash in or things I can alter, and completely ignore all kitchen and cleaning equipment, LOL

Thanks for popping by!

Sarah x


  1. Love the polka dots! The owls are adorable!

  2. Great card, so cute! :)

    Lovely work on your blog!!!

    Sweet greetings, Saskia

  3. Awww how cute is this, I love the papers, but those owls are so cute!! I need them in my life xx

  4. Jaw drop at all those promarkers! Great way to keep them all together though. I have a very similar system (wooden crate) for my paints.

    You mean... those shops aren't meant for us crafters to ransack for storage and alterables? *gasp* :D

  5. Great storage Sarah, very organized. I think I'm addicted to collecting storage boxes, my favourites are the clear ones from Ikea so I can still admire my collection of stash while it sits on the shelves!
    Love the card, the owl stamp is so cute I love it.

  6. Fabulous card,the owls are so cute.