A Lovely Day in London

So today, I was back in London where I met Emma for lunch and to visit the Progressive Greetings show. The show was fun, quite small but very interesting to see all the brands of cards under one roof (think a visit to a massive Clintons Cards!). I think I'm allowed to say, that recently I was approached by a card company to design a range of cards for them, I thought the show would be great market research seeing all the different trends and what is out there already! I've already started testing the waters somewhat by making a few sets of cards for my Etsy shop to see what proves popular, at the moment I only have the 'Save the Date' ones up...

 You can view all the sets in my Etsy shop here - more coming soon!

Then we went for some lunch and of course a bit of a gossip and cooking up some plans ;o)

Tomorrow I have another day in London for some meetings - exciting!!

Sarah x

p.s. I hope you've been watching the launch shows for the Cricut Expression 2 - marvellous!! :o)


  1. They look lovely Sarah, Glad you had a lovely day out.

  2. these are so cute! You have a fantastic blog and you're extremely talented!! I have become a follower!