Happy Birthday Fuzzybutt!

Today is my little Fuzzybutt's 4th birthday!

4 years to the day we got her, I remember all of the toys we had bought for her was so big that B rolled up one of his socks and gave it to her to play with, but that was still nearly the same size as her and she rolled it with her nose a bit before laying her head on it and going to sleep! She was so tiny she fitted in the palm of my hand, and every time we got up we'd pick her up and take her with us for fear of standing on her and breaking her! You really wouldn't know it now!!!

We were told she was part Chihauhau and part poodle, but as you can see from the size of her, there is no chihauhau in there!! We've since found out she is Part Yorkshire Terrier and part poodle, cute as a button!

Today she's had a lovely day, a big bath, a sausage for breakfast and a special dinner tonight, and I let her bark at the postman for a bit, LOL. 

Also, to mark my little girlie's birthday I have released the first bits of my 'Belle & Alfie' range (Alfie is one of my parents dogs!) which you can see here in my shop (you get each of the digi's in both colour and black and white) I also have a little free tag download below which matches the range perfectly!
Just click on the picture to download!
Also, just a little secret to share, if you 'like' the Promarker page on facebook they have a fab special offer for their Facebook fans, only valid tomorrow so don't miss out!! (and while you're there pop over and like mine too! LOL)

Sarah x


  1. XXX "Happy Birthday Fuzzybutt"

  2. Oh, fuzzybutt you is too bootiful!

  3. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday Dear Fuzzybutt, Happy Birthday toooo Yoooooooooou!!!
    Loving the Belle & Alfie too, can't wait to see the rest of the range.
    We used to have a Yorkie too, he was called Muffin, we got him when I was 9 & remember he could fit in the palm of my hand, when he was a pup we had to put a little bell on his collar so we knew where he was lol.

  4. I see you didn't get round to doing a post on Friday either! Lyn x

  5. Awww happy birthday fuzzybutt :) :) cute tags!! xoxox

  6. oh you can so see she has yorkie in her! bless. i have a chorkie... chihuahua and yorkie cross, but he's very hairy like a yorkie!

    gorgeous doggie!