Sharing Good News - Part 1

Last week I posted on twitter that I was having a pretty incredible week, it's been so good I literally found it hard to believe. A few people sent me messages of congratulations, not even knowing what was happening (how nice is that!) and I felt like I should share but I just coudn't. I don't know if its something you've experienced but sometimes when good things happen, especially quite a few together, or something you'd kind of given up on, and even more especially if some of them you've wanted so badly, or didn't even realise you wanted (if that makes sense) but when they happen it feels *right* and makes you so happy you're kind of afraid to 'put it out there' and share, I guess partly because you know there will always be that minority of people who tear it down, belittle it and make you feel it's not that great after all, make you doubt yourself and partly because you're scared that if you let go of it, it might break, they might change their mind, or think you were someone else or something! Silly, right?

I've literally been like a kid at Christmas this week, can't sleep with excitement, keep waking up thinking of it all, wanting to wake OH up at 4am to whisper about it in the dark like you did when you were a kid, crazy!

Anyway, I really do have to start sharing now, becasue literally, there is a quite a bit to get through! I can't share everything right now, some of it is still in discussion, and I have to keep those things private until it's all worked out and also, I might jinx it! LOL

But today, I am sharing my first piece of news....

I am thrilled to say that Provocraft have asked me to work with them - yup, *THE* Provocraft.... seriously... amazeballs, right?

I'm too excited! Can't wait to get started! Squeeeeeee!!

I'll be back with more wonderful news soon!

Sarah x


  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    I received the Woodland Whimsies cd-roms and stamps this week! Lovely, lovely desings and papers!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Just go on!!!

    Sweet greetings, Saskia :)

  2. Big congrats Sarah! That is just wonderful news :) xx

  3. must have made my last artwork - specially for you then xx

  4. That is very exciting! Congratulations!!

  5. Wow that's a biggy Sarah. Congratulations you. :)

  6. oh wow thats amazing news Srah - Congratulations...really chuffed for you,its made my day!

  7. I know I've already said it once but mahoosive congrats to you, deffo something to be excited about.

  8. Well done, you deserve it :-)

  9. Wow - I can just imagine your excitement - well done

  10. Wow that IS exciting news - congratulations. I look forward to seeing some of your work.
    I know what you mean by people be-littling your news sometimes, but dont let them. What is important to you is all that matters, plus there probably just jealous :)
    Once again congratulations and I cant wait to see part 2 :)

  11. Congratulations, I'm sure its only the first of many yet to come, enjoy.

  12. BiG congrats to you!!! Don't let anyone rain on your parade!!! Can't wait to hear what else exciting things you have going on! SO FUN!