Frankfurt Book Fair

So, in the middle of designing my Halloween and Christmas ranges, designing my pre-Christmas release paper and accessories range and preparing for my big launch at the 2012 trade show in Jan / Feb, I also have the Frankfurt Book Fair right slap bang in the middle of next month! That means my agent will be taking some of my illustration work over to the fair and showing it, exciting times! I don't often get chance to mention my illustration work as my craft work has dominated so much recently but I now have to come up with a few new pieces for the fair, so I'm racking my brains for some ideas and sketching things out on the back of scraps of paper and occasionally even in my sketch book if I can get to one in time!

Here are a couple of illustration pieces I done fairly recently...

This was a first draft for someone who had seen a picture of a giraffe I had done and wanted a swan in a similar style, unfortunately it was regected as this is a swan and not a giraffe.... (I know, I was confused too!!! LOL)

And these are the first draft for a childrens ABC book...  

Tonight I have a dinner date with a lovely man to get a break from my desk / studio / pooter (although I'll probably be straight back to work when I get back, hahaha)

Sarah x


  1. sarah your abc letters and animals are so adorable

  2. These are really sweet. Good luck at Frankfurt. I haven't got anything there this year...