Promarker Practice Sheet - Skintones

If you are watching Create & Craft live right now, this may well have come up already (or I might be about to talk about it!) but I have put together a practice sheet for you with a quick face I doodled, so you can practice skintones and keep this as a reference with the colours you used for when you're colouring in your images - kind of like your colour charts!

If you would like me to share my chart that I complete over the course of the next few days during my show, then please let me know and I will upload it as soon as I can for you to have a look at some of my favourite skintone combos.

Thank you for dropping by today!
Sarah x

p.s. there are just a few days left for our DT call! see all the details here


  1. Luck would have it that I am blog reading, and saw you'd be on at 10 ... So a quick switch over on telly and I can watch you in action

  2. Thanks for sharing this Sarah. This will prove very useful as I try and improve my colouring skills. Would love to see some of your favourite skintone combos too.

  3. Thanks Sarah - utterly brilliant and generous and very much alive practice sheet!!

  4. I have just found you via C&C. Thanks for the practice sheet. Brilliant idea. Agree with Mags, love to see your favourites too!

  5. I too have just found you via C&C and would love a copy of your sheet then I will be able to practice my hair and skin colouring. Thanks for sharing with us

    Jackie x

  6. Thanks Sarah for your ideas. I have quite a few Promarkers and have just ordered some more, but am rubbish at using them (blending and shading) so ANY help is much appreciated. It would be great if you could upload some of your favourite combos too.

  7. Hi Sarah, I would very much appreciate a copy of your sheets as I just cannot get get skin and hair right. I've watched as many of your shows as I could
    Sue x

  8. what a great idea I would love one !
    Dot x

  9. Hi Sarah, I'm the as the above in that I saw you C&C, unfortunately I don't have wnzip so can't download the sheet for practice any idea how to get a copy?
    Many thanks
    Jan x

    1. Hi Jan,
      you can download winzip for free here -

      or email me via my website and I'll send you a copy :)

      Sarah x

  10. Hi Sarah,
    I love my promarkers and I'd really appreciate it if you would share a copy of your chart.
    Thanks a million

  11. Thanks for the practice sheet Sarah, would love to see yours when finished. Really enjoyed your shows on C&C as usual. Hope you will be on again soon.

  12. great practice sheet thanks hun txx

  13. hiya hun, i have just finished collecting all the pro markers but still struggle how to pick which ones go together, for shading and blending would love any help you could share. would also love to see your favs on skin,hair,clothes combo's as love to colour as helps my depression plus love to be able to do all above with ease. my email is thanks so much for the practice sheets and have just printed off your colour chart and filled in.
    i'm going to put a link to your blog for the sheets, so people can find them not long started a blog

    julie xxx

  14. It looks great....thanks for sharing:)

  15. It looks great.....thanks for sharing:)