Late Nights

A late blog post for me tonight, have had a few nights trying to get everything ready for the show and the new product launches next week!! I hope you will be watching the show on Wednesday at 9am.

I have today installed my fancy new shop - which I hope you will take a look at - I LOVE it!! Lots of products coming soon, yay!

For those of you looking for the special offer from Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine, you can find it here. They have done a lovely feature about me which you can find in the next issue so I hope you will take a look and laugh at the dire pics of me, LOL - I'm not photogenic, can you tell?!

For any of you that watch the fab series 'Mistresses' on BBC1 (its one of the very few things I actually watch as most TV I find to be just an infernal racket - I much prefer music) if you saw tonights show and know where to get the lovely white top Siobhan was wearing at the beginning please could you e-mail / tweet me or leave a comment on the blog - ta muchly!

Sarah x

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