New Things!

Lots of new things today!

Firstly, for those of you that have asked, the Christmas Cheer! CD is now available to buy on my website. It will have its first showing on Create & Craft on Sunday morning, I hope you will be watching!

I will also be showing 4 new products (these will be on my website tomorrow) and Woodland Whimsies 1 & 2. I'm in the process of making lots of samples to show off all the different elements - there is so much on this one that it's keeping me VERY busy! Luckily all my Woodland Whimsies samples are already done and I received another 2 lots in the post today from Debs and Shell which I'll also take with me.

Also, please pop over to Lisa's blog today as shes posted a fantastic carousel project made from Woodland Whimsies and she has promised to do a Christmas Cheer! one in the future!!

Tomorrow on the Challenge Blog we will be announcing the winners of Challenge 1 before our guest designer Sue Hickey posts her challenge on Thursday so keep an eye out for those!

Tomorrow is manic posting day which will keep OH out from under my feet, he's been very distracted as his laptop is broken and he can't do anything, also means every time I move he hops on my pooter to try and do things in between my things - grrrrrrr!

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments and e-mails about the CD and my gross out heart picture - reading your nice things has helped me over a difficult couple of days, you really do make a difference!!

Sarah x

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  1. I just love them penguins, would love to give them a bug squeeze, they are just so very cute. The cd look so fab and funky xxx