Think I must be the only person who is excited about the rain! I'm so happy winter is approaching again, winter has all the good stuff, Halloween, Fireworks Night and CHRISTMAS!!! I'm TOO excited :) and who knows, maybe it will be another white Christmas - oooooohh...... Today I dug out my rain mac to put on, I love being able to dig out my winter clothes, woolly dresses, boots and snuggly coats and hats and scarves - lovely! Fuzzybutt wasn't best pleased though, she hates to get her little paws wet and looked at me in much disgust when I tried to take her out, she's such a prima donna. She also hadn't quite gotten over last nights trauma - I had the cheek to leave an unopened bag of jelly tots on the table which she stared at for a good half an hour, I'm not sure if she was willing me to open them or willing them to fly across the room and burst open but either way she didn't have much luck. Although after the excitement of Dragons Den had died down I did take pity on her and open them - how can you resist these eyes???

Sooo adorable!

Today I have been helping at ScrapShed stocktaking ready for the huge summer sale, after 10 hours I was EXHAUSTED but kept going at the promise of being allowed to unpack the new Cosmo Cricket delivery (yum!) the Matilda pad and chipboard was so yummy - a few bits may have sneaked my way..... ;)

Off now to have a snuggle with Fuzzybutt and OH while I fill out some paperwork and catch up on some bits. Soooo much to do and not enough hours in the day! Also had a SUPER exciting proposition which I'm considering, would mean even MORE things to do but how can I refuse! Will tell all soon, promise! I do love exciting opportunities, just hope they keep coming!!

Sarah x


  1. I love the rain, when I am all snuggled up in my p'js!!!!

  2. Awwww. What a cutie!

  3. Hee I'm the same as Donna, love the rain whenin my jammies and reading a good book!
    How cute is your puppy!!
    Hugs Melly xxx
    Ps I left you a wee something on my blog xxx

  4. Awww, Fuzzybutt is absolutely adorable!
    Our dog thinks she's made of sugar too and will melt in the rain! - she hates bath time too!

  5. What a beautiful little dog. I couldn't resist those eyes