I got told off by my mummy today as I didn't blog yesterday and she was reduced to trawling twitter for some mention of me to show I was still around - well, I am still here!!!! (just) LOL. I was too tired to blog yesterday, I just collapsed in a inky exhausted gluey glittery heap in bed.

Show samples are nearly ready, still have demo's to prepare, OH is busily packing and labelling stock - if anything is wonky you know who to blame! LOL

The lovely Donna has set up an event on Facebook to get lots of people to watch the show Sunday, so no pressure or anything!!! She's such a sweetie. Pop over and RSVP if you get a chance.

All of the new products are now on the website and I'm pleased to say the orders have started already - gotta love that!

If I don't get chance to blog tomorrow - have a family event to go to tomorrow, meeting some of OH's family for the first time (even though we've been together over 4 years, LOL!) and will probably be ink stained with glitter in my hair and a slightly deranged look about me from lack of sleep, reckon they will be impressed?! I have a card to make for that as well - all happens at once doesn't it?!

I'm really looking forward to the show and hope you will tune in, I'm with Howard this time, I havent met him before so hope he will be nice to me!

See you Sunday! (well, you'll see me, but you know what I mean)

Sarah x


  1. Have a great day tomorrow and i am sure Howard will be a real sweetie... will be with you in spirit and on the other side of the screen lol
    Lisa ;)

  2. Have a great time will be watching xx

  3. have a great time will be watching and yes Donna is a lovely person xx

  4. haave agreat time will be watching and yes Donna is a lovely lady xx

  5. ( Blush) bless you Sarah and Sue!!! And you are both too.... And of course I will be glued to tv, and have already put it to record too.... xxx