No Rest For The Wicked!

Another busy weekend as I frantically get samples ready for next weeks show! It really does feel odd making christmas things in the blazing sunshine - speaking of which, when is it going to end?! I'm sick of being hot, getting prickly heat and sunburn and feeling stuck to the chair after an hour of doing anything as well as the constant 'brain fog' yuk! I need COLD!!!! :o)

Before I forget there are just a few more hours to get your entry in for the first challenge (the colour challenge) over on the challenge blog so quickly nip over and leave your link!

Today i've also been doing a bit of medical illustration - I used to do some a while back and forgot how much I enjoyed it, I'm still halfway through the one I'm doing so won't show it just yet but here is the last thing I done, a heart - nice!

I will gross you out with my latest offering when it's all finished!

There are still a couple of blog hop winners that haven't got in touch so if you commented on any of the blogs that day nip over to the challenge blog and see if you were one of the lucky ones!

Tomorrow I'm off to the docs, yet again! I seem to live there lately, yuk :o( hoping this will be the last for a while but who can tell....

Now I'm off to watch the programme about Amish Teenagers on Channel 4 before switching over for Sherlock on BBC 1 - lucky we have sky + as they have moved the schedules around and they now overlap! very annoying as this is the only TV I watch all week apart from Dragons Den and they put it on at the same time!!!!

Enjoy the last of your weekends peeps

Sarah x


  1. interesting...that you illustrate that type of stuff...I don't think I could do it!! I was a little freaked out by the heart. :) That takes a LOT of talent!!! Hugs, Katrina

  2. I wouldn't even know where to start, drawing something like that! A stick figure is beyond me :) Am I the only one looking forward to seeing the new one?!

    I emailed you re the bloghop - hope you received it ok? x

  3. OMG you are soooo talented! I'm an ex-science teacher and I seriously struggle with sketching hearts! It looks fab :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  4. Oh petal thats fab but freaky at the same time!
    my mum is training to be a nurse and has been trying to do basic sketches, but this is amazing!!
    Hope everything ok at docs!!
    Hugs melly xxx