Last Sneak!

Sooooo..... as promised here is the last sneak peek for 'Christmas Cheer!'

This is from the 'Retro' collection on the CD. This is my biggest CD yet and literally only just fitted on!! I hope you will love it as much as I have loved making it. There are some new fun elements to this one so don't forget to tune in and watch the show - and stalk mine and the design teams blog for samples showing as much as we can!

This show will also be featuring some of my other products, as much as we all love CD's because they are so versatile and you get so much for your money, if you're anything like me, you also want to mess around with inks and stamps and other fun stuff!

Today I've been messing around with my lovely Promarkers testing out some new things, a whole day with my Promarkers is BLISS! I'll post some pics in the next few days.

Last night my mum sent me a text saying she's getting two chickens today (not the Asda type purchase, actual live chickens!!) she's calling them 'Pie' and 'Kiev' while I applaud her name giving originality I'm slightly worried about a chicken being *that* close to me on my next visit - eeek!

and on THAT bombshell.......

Sarah x


  1. I am liking the 'Christmas Cheer' very much Sarah xx

  2. I am so pleased you have pastel christmas, seems to be the in thing this year!

    hugs Clare x