End of the Week....

......and to be honest it'll be a relief! With one thing and another this week has not been a great one! and I'll be glad to see the back of it (not that I'm usually one for wishing my life away) anyway, I've decided every day is another chance for a clean slate and i'm trying not to let things get me down. I've been through worse than this and know that every bad thing has led me to a better thing, even if that has taken some time, I have to remain patient and be grateful for the many good things I do have. I'm digging out my copy of 'The Secret' tonight and giving it a jolly good read!! it always picks me up and refocuses my mind. If you haven't heard of it, try it! Its a great book on the Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne, and will help you to think positively, not that by sitting back and imagining I have a Bentley outside I imagine one will suddenly appear!!! But by thinking positively it helps you to deal with problems more constructively instead of being worn down by it all as I was this week!

Now onto crafty stuff! My sneak peek for tomorrow is almost ready! can't wait to show it and get some feedback :o)

Secondly, I was asked on my blog and by e-mail yesterday the best place to get Promarkers - at the moment Hobbycraft are having a half price sale and I hear on the grapevine that they have just re-stocked! So make sure you get to your local one or to their website quick and order up - you won't be sorry!

Once you've got them have a look at Debs blog as she has posted a fab Promarker tutorial with the Woodland Whimsies designs - love the cute feathery effect on the owl - will definitely get round to trying that this week! if you want to get your hand on the owl design, you can get your CD here!

I also managed another Layout - can you believe it! thats two in as many days!! some kind of record for me recently!

This one was done with a past Studio Calico kit and some lovely Adirondack inkpads from Ranger.

Now I must get on with that sneaky peek!

Sarah x

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  1. I hope this coming week is better for you! Looking forward to your sneak peek tomorrow!