A New Week!

A new week always feels like a new beginning, a clean slate whether the previous one has been good or bad and another whole 5 days to catch up with the never ending "to-do" list!!

Today I realised that one of my favourite papers from 'Woodland Whimsies' I hadn't even used yet!! so I decided to make a quick 'Timmy Tag' (named of course after the fab Tim Holtz) these are a great way to have a quick burst of creativity, get your mojo back or try something new, I just LOVE tags! Here is my home one with my favourite paper and one of my flowers from the CD.

The pattern is so retro and reminds me of an old 1950's apron or something you would see in an Enid Blyton book. This is on the 'Woodland Whimsies' CD - there are oranges and apples. I've inked this one round the edges to make it look more grungy and vintagey. The great thing about working with bright colours is that you can always do this, distress it and make it look vintage. If you start from vintagey / grungy you can't go the other way!

Tomorrow the Christmas CD - Christmas Cheer - goes off for production and I'll get them all a couple of days later - can't wait to get these out to the DT team, I'm so excited about this CD - I thought it was just first time nerves with the first ones but it seems I really do get *this* excited about every product and design!! That can only be a good thing!

Tomorrow I'll have another sneak peek for you and later in the week I'll be telling you about something else I've been working on!

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be looking through the DT applications and e-mailing everyone so keep an eye on your inbox!

Wednesday or Thursday we will also be spending a whole day looking through the Afternoon Tea applications and will contact everyone after that.

This is SUCH a busy week but I'm not complaining! Luckily I have a fabby team helping me and I'm really grateful to them for all of their support.

This weekend we will be launching the Challenge Blog with a Blog Hop - so look out for details - there are some fab prizes to be won!

Lastly I HAVE to share the CUTEST pic of Fuzzybutt, we were playing scrabble last night and of course she just had to join in.....

isn't she just the most adorable little thing?!

Sarah x

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