Another Crazy Week....

After a lovely weekend, although it did go too quickly (how long til Easter? ;o) ) I have another manic week ahead! At the weekend I managed to get almost up to date on all my craft projects, just one or two that need the finishing touches added! I spent almost the whole 2 days in my studio and I finally got chance to have a play with some of the products I have been sent - yay!

Firstly, Kuretake alcohol inks, I dont have many colours of these so I went with a simple background to use on an art journal style piece - the colours are so vivid and lush, when I squirted the yellow it looked like I had dripped egg yolk - yum! And mixed with the hot pink it created a lovely bright orange - here is my background in progress....

They also do a cracking job on your nails.... ;o)

(my nails have now been repaired and are back to their former turquoise loveliness!)

I will show you the finished piece in a day or so when I'm happy with it, it needs a little something and I'm not sure what, maybe some doodling or journalling...

At one point yesterday my lovely clean studio table looked like THIS!

Shocking state isn't it, please feel free to leave me your comments on how disgusted you are, LOL.

I have also been frantically working on my new illustrations, although as yet I'm not much past the planning stage, I plan to get at least a few of the rough drafts sketched out tonight.

Just realised I've posted two icky pics so here's a cute one of Fuzzybutt trying to hide from me being all camera happy the other night - she's a bit camera shy! (I'm not ashamed of my fairy princess duvet cover - I use it for my desk duvet!)

Now I'm off to quickly wolf some dinner down before I get back to work! Hoping OH has something yummy lined up, I've been living off Ryvita today - I'm OBSSESSED with the raisin cruch ones with lurpak *slurp* (p.s. I'm not cheating, I'm having some good low GI carbs, still no bread, pasta or potatoes *polishes dieting halo*)


p.s. if you're looking for the DT call you need to scroll down a bit...


  1. Ha! That 'untidy' desk looks like mine on a tidy day! x

  2. Your desk looks a busy creativity in progress, hehe.... can't wait to see what you come up with hun! Jo xxx

  3. your desk is positively tidy - mine is more like a skip and so it the floor...eekkk

  4. Looks fun! Can't wait to see the finished project. :)

  5. Oh I just love how that background turned out. Lovely! As for your desk, mine always looks like that in the middle of a project too. Not toooo disgusting. LOL