What was I so excited about yesterday??......

well now I can tell you..... :o)

Some of my illustration work is being shown at this years Bologna Book Fair!! How exciting is THAT! The fair is a HUGE event where lots of agents and publishers and book packagers meet and do booky / illustratory meetingy things and make deals and coo over pretty pics - some of them will be mine this year - woooo! - and other important businessy type stuff, natch ;o)

So now I have 3 weeks to work manically on some new things and dig out some of my existing best work - as well as everything else I'm doing obviously. I'm on kind of a manic schedule right now, on the surface I seem very calm (mostly because at least half of what I'm working on I'm not allowed to tell anyone about right now!!!) but under the surface I'm paddling away like a crazy person - but to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way!

On top of all that, today I got turquoise nail polish, it totally rocks my world... I'm working my way through bluey tones at the mo as I find they compliment the yellow my engagement ring the best, this is my absolute fave though, think I need a big turquoise ring for the other hand, Primani here I come ;o)

My heads a little bit spinny now, too much excitement (and coffee most likely)

On another note please pop over to the Challenge Blog - Clare's new challenge has gone up today.

Sarah x


  1. Congratulations Sarah, well done hun! Jo xx

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