Friday Fun!

A big thank you to everyone who sent me messages and left comments yesterday - was so nice of you all - I'm still SO excited - weeeeee!

This weekend I'm working on loads of crafty projects for Derwent, Crafty Ribbons and Kuretake, at least one whole day locked up in my studio, bliss! I hope you all have time to get some crafting in as well!

I also have lots of illustrations to work on and I really need to finish up some new designs I'm working on - no rest for the wicked! ;o)

Today I have spent all day pretty much on just one project and it's still not done!! it will be worth it when it is though, love seeing everything come together. I guess I'll finish that at the weekend too, LOL

I have no pretty pics for you today.... so I'll just share this one, naughty little Fuzzybutt trying to climb on my desk yesterday!! (She has a pouffe / chair thingy next to my desk, not incredibly long legs or stilts!!) What a naughty pooch!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, stay safe in this stormy weather!

Sarah x

p.s. If any of you have anything that you have made with my products, I'd love to see them, I have a number of things on the go and I'm looking for all kinds of things to use in them - just e-mail them to me here! or send me your blog link

p.p.s If you are looking for the DT call please scroll down, it's a few posts back.


  1. adorable muttling. how can that face be trouble lol! *insert eyeroll*. have a great weekend.

  2. adorable puppy!!!!! can't wait to check out the project you have been working on-happy friday!