Busy Busy Busy!!

Today I had SOOOOO much to do, seriously, I cannot begin to tell you how crazy my schedule is, I worked til 2am yesterday and was back up at 7 to start again, and will probably be working again all night tonight. have to say though, I'm having the BEST time!

Working on new designs, sorting out new products, working on my illustrations for the Bologna Book Fair, looking at all the DT applications coming in, and all the other stuff going on that I'm not allowed to say yet, crazy! I havent even had chance to check in with my DT girls yet - thats what later tonight is for, right? LOL

Today I decided to get myself "in the zone" LOL, I wrote a condensed list of what needed to be done TODAY (down from my 4 page list of what has to be done at some point this week) on a pretty post it note and everything, I wore teal tights to match my nails and my fave boots, I was all stocked up with coffee and currant crunch ryvita - ready to GO!

The positive approach definitely worked, I got everything sketched out and started working on final pieces, lots and lots done - yay! Think with a few more hours tonight I will be very happy with todays progress.

I also got a lovely parcel from Crafty Ribbons with their new Seam Binding, it is SO gorgeous, the colours are lovely muted tones, perfect for vintage / shabby chic projects and they also sent me some undyed so I can use it with my Ink Sprays and Promarkers to recolour it, I really can't wait to have a play with them, I'm almost sad to cut them as they are all my favourite colours, I just want to wrap them round a canvas and frame it! LOL

At the weekend I made a couple of Easter cards with the previous lot of ribbons they sent to me, it's so hard to find lovely things for Easter! The bunny ribbon was so nicely printed I cut a couple of the pictures out and used them as embellishments. The big button is also from Crafty Ribbons.

I have quite a few more of these to come but won't bore you with them all at once!

I also had an email from an old friend today, it was so nice to hear from him and I'm hoping to get my Skype set up this week so I can chat to him later in the week properly (he's not in the UK) and a couple of other people. I speak to a few of my European and American contacts via MSN messenger but it would be nice to speak to them in person a bit more often! It certainly racks the bill up if you do it all the time (hence the MSN now, LOL).

Anywayyyy.... he said to me today that you can see my sense of humour in my work, I thought that was such a lovely thing to say and I hope others see it too and not just because he knows me!

And one last thing, yesterday I got an Invite to Pinterest - wow! it is SO addictive, at first I couldn't see the point but as you get going it's fab - if you're on there let me know or if you would like an invite leave me your email address and I'll send you one!

I'm off for a quick dinner before I get back to burning the midnight oil!

Sarah x

p.s. if you're looking for the DT call please scroll down a bit!


  1. wow you've been busy, I think I'm going to pull a crafty all nighter this weekend, just to get things finished

  2. Love those Easter cards. Adorable!

  3. love all of these creations ~ just lovely work, as always!!!

  4. The seam binding looks fabulous! Beautiful cards.

  5. cute cute cute. i need to get crackin!