A Funny Old Day....

Today really was a funny sort of day, I stayed up late last night illustrating again, I seem to be more productive at night! But I woke up feeling ready for the day ahead and yet very relaxed and not my normal stressy self!

I think I'm making progress and I'm ahead of myself on my plan so thats a good thing. I'm also loving the way these illustrations are coming together. Sometimes it's too easy to be critical of ourselves, especially when you see fantastic work by other artists / crafters / designers. But you can only be yourself, of course you have to try and improve and better yourself but but never change your style or try to fit a mould, you don't want to be "the next 'whoever'" you want to be the first YOU!

Last night I had the whole ranty angry thing from yesterday swirling round in my head - I often carry these arguments out inside my head to make sure I dont say anything uneccessary when it comes to actually confronting who has hurt me and to make sure I have clear what I want to say, nothing worse than finishing an argument or impassioned speech and then thinking of something else you really wished you'd said - do it all at once and get some closure! It basically boils down to an issue of trust, I have a very hard time trusting people in the first place, but once I do, I do so implicitly. Once a person has broken that I've never been able to regain it, even when I've really really wanted to, I just can't. I feel an art journal page coming on! The best place to spill everything out... Maybe the fact that I had done that was what made me so calm today!

I've been planning out my diary today and the next few weeks and months look pretty busy (yay!) but I'm taking some time to go to the craft show at the Olympia next month to see the lovely peeps at Crafty Ribbons who I design for, I'll also be meeting some more twitter peeps, always fun! If you're going let me know :o)

Ah, no pretty pics today... will try and make up for it tomorrow, promise! Thanks for your guesses yesterday, keep them coming!! ;o)

Sarah x


  1. progress is good. i do the whole ranty thing in my head and then i'm over it. never get to say it. lol. my head considers it done.

  2. Your thoughts about the rant thing remind me of the movie You've Got Mail. Hope you've seen it, then you'll know what I mean. Your blog is wonderful, so much crafty goodness! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!