A Day Out!

Sunday I had a day out, a visit to Stitches, the UK craft trade show. I had lots of meetings lined up, all of which went very well, you'll be seeing new developments soon! and I met some lovely new people, some of whom I hope to be working with in the near future... :o)

While I was there I met some of the regulars I speak to on Twitter, here I am with some you may recognise,

I saw lots of the lovely new products which will be hitting the shops soon, I can't wait to get my hands on them! I also watched some demos including Tim Holtz (of course!) no pics this year though, despite taking my camera, I was rushing around so much and chatting so much that I didn't get to take many pics and didn't even grab a coffee until we passed Starbucks on the way home!!! By the time I got home I was EXHAUSTED and crashed in bed at around 8.30, was asleep by 9!! shocking LOL

Of course that meant an early start so I thought I would be productive and take Fuzzybutt for a nice long walk - she wasn't at ALL happy with that - she is a funny dog, she doesn't really like walks and would prefer to just have a run around on the green outside our house and then go back inside! She's been glaring at me from her snuggly duvet position all day, don't think I'm forgiven.... take a look at that moody, sulky face!

This week I have crazy deadlines, finishing off designs for 2 different clients, designing 2 new mini collections for another, finishing up my illustrations for the Bologna Book Fair and some other bits and pieces. I do love busy times though, I think it keeps you motivated and enthusiastic about your work when you have a busy and varied schedule!

I'm trying to decide whether to go to the London Book Fair in a couple of weeks, if any of you have been please let me know what you thought (you can e-mail me if you prefer)

Until tomorrow!
Sarah x


  1. your art journal pages look amazing~glad you had such an awesome time at the convention. Was Darkroom Door there? Would love for you to visit my blog....

  2. love your journal page and looks like a good time was had by all. adorable lil muttling.

  3. Ooo you are in trou-ble! LOL! What a cute pic of the furry one. Looks like you had a great time at Stitches. :)