Free Valentine Digi!

So much for being more exciting today, I fear I will only be even more dull than yesterday as a wave of complete exhaustion has hit me full force, yuk! I'm off to the sofa office, LOL, I have some sewing to do so I can do that curled up with Fuzzybutt - yay!

To make it up to you though, I have a little freebie for you, if you click below you can download a free Black and White version of this Deer couple, which you can colour and use with your Valentines cards etc... You can also right click and use the coloured in version below if you prefer!

Also, today is my second littlest sisters 13th Birthday, I can't believe she is a teenager! scary.... Happy Birthday H!! :o)

Finally, I just wanted to clarify something regarding a snarky blog comment I received yesterday, I have never made any secret of the fact that I design for Derwernt - their logo is emblazoned on the left hand side of my blog and I mention it fairly often, however if I didnt like a product I wouldn't pretend I did, I would just say nothing - I strongly believe in the old saying 'if you love something tell everyone, if you don't tell us' and I stick to it! I didn't get paid for the post, they didn't even ask me to do it, I just wanted to share!! I also mention a lot of other companies and their lovely products who I don't do any work for!

It wasn't supposed to be me being an expert on how to use the product just me showing you how I experimented and what I thought the products would be good for. Hopefully as I get some more practice, you will see what I do with those products improve along the way. I also would never work for a company who's products I didn't like, I have loved and used Derwent products for many years and am overjoyed to now be working with them. I hope thats cleared that up!!

I really don't know why I keep defending myself, I should just ignore the negative stuff but I always feel if I don't people may think I'm hiding something or why haven't I spoken up? Hope that makes sense!!!!


I hope you all have lovely lovely weekends!! I have a LOT of lovely crafting projects planned, can't wait!

Sarah x

p.s. please pop over to Melly's blog as shes having a little Blog Candy and you could win yourself some lovely stuff!!


  1. Honestly... some people only know how to be negative. Jealously and envy aren't called the green MONSTER for nothing!

  2. Ignore snarky people, they're not worth bothering with. Lovely freebie too