Art Journaling with Derwent

I mentioned the other night that I had done some Art Journaling before bed, I don't often show my journal pages, most of them are too personal, but this one was something I had read earlier in the day and it struck a nerve, I just had to journal it so I'd always remember. This is in my little Derwent Journal, the background I made using my Aquatones ages ago and it was so pretty I had a hard time drawing on it!

Images are from random magazines, I buy so many each week this is a good way to recycle! the cloud stamp is one of mine and the eye stamp is an old Ebay bargain.

I'll leave you with some random pics from my week, these are all from Instagram, a new app I've been using, love it!!

I love all the different picture effects without messing around in photoshop!

The first is my bargain vintage dress I got from Ebay that I mentioned a few weeks ago, its now repaired and altered, love it! The second is what I woke up to Valentines morning, Fuzzybutt! LOL. The third is me and Fuzzybutt later that day - Fuzzy Love! The fourth is a set of stamps I received from a friend in Australia, can't wait to use them!!! and the final one is Fuzzybutt at her best last night, all fuzzy and warm and sleepy - loves!

Have fabulous weekends!

Sarah x


  1. love the page. so very cool. and your pix rock!

  2. Love you journal page & just how cute is your pooch?? :D

  3. love love the journal page! and those so great!

  4. Wow, your art journal is gorgeous, I love all the artsy stuff you did! And those pics are that dress too, it's beautiful on you :)

  5. that page is beautiful! the colours are amazing! must get some aquatones!
    your pics are brill too! lovely dress! and now got face to the fuzzybutt name and shes sooo cute!! xxx

  6. Ooooh - that is so cool!!! Love that wee stamp!! :)