Brain Fog and Happy Mail!

Today I've spent most of the day updating my client lists and information, its a very tedious task but has to be done, I do like things to be up to date! Usually when I speak to someone new or someone enquires about my work I just note down their details or keep their e-mails and forget to add them to my official database so I had a few weeks worth to add in today and lots of others to check and update, my eyes are now really fuzzy!

The GOOD thing about today though was my HAPPY MAIL! I wasn't expecting anything so was quite surprised when the postie knocked with a little parcel from the US for me.... it was from Siobhan from my Design Team who had sent me this beautiful Vermont Snowglobe - I don't know if she knew but I LOVE Snowglobes and have a little collection of them, she has also enclosed some delicious Maple Candy moose heads - I had never tried Maple Candy before and it is delicious!!

It was such a thoughtful and lovely gift and it really made my day, so thank you lovey! That maple candy really helped me through the day :o)

Finally I want to share some digi layouts that I actually done a while ago for GallimaufryUK, I'm really getting into these digi layouts! a few more and I can get them printed into a coffee table book - yay!

Off for a little break now and then I'm up in my studio working on some projects this evening!

Sarah x


  1. What a lovely gift & great digi Lo's Sarah

  2. what a sweet gift~so cute!!!

  3. What a sweet gift. Ohh maple candy is the best, yummy.

  4. I hate doing my accounts - have been putting it off for ages, which means it is in a terrible state!