Favours fit for a Royal Wedding??

A few weeks ago you may remember me mentioning that I went for lunch with Kuretake and my fellow DT members Kim and Emma? That day we were given lots of products to design with including the wonderful templates. One of the templates was for gift boxes and we were coming up with various projects we could do with them, jokingly I said I would make some Union Jack favour boxes for the Royal Wedding - you know, just in case their no doubt super posh favours get stuck in limbo somewhere and they have to call on me... (it could happen, you never know!! LOL) since then whenever I speak to them they ask me where the boxes are :o) Never one to shy away from a challenge I have finally got round to making them.....

So there you go Kate my love, if you get stuck I can pop some jelly beans in them and have them with you in a few hours.... ;o)

This was obviously a bit of a laugh, but all joking aside these templates were super easy to use, these 6 took me about 20 minutes in total and most of that was making the union jacks! If you can imagine them in pearlised card, with pretty embellishments and made in to a tiered cake shape I think they would look pretty good! So if you are getting married and want to save a few pennies get your friends round and have them help you make them, I reckon you could get them done in a night with a few glasses of wine to keep you going!

Sarah x


  1. These are some fun projects.

  2. Wonderful idea-did a similar trick for my second dd's wedding in 09. I used black and off white since those were her colors. Made a box with a lid, stamped the initial of her new last name on top, placed candy treats inside and tied it all with pretty ribbon. And hey, maybe Kate would just love this idea-at least you've got a head start!! lol

  3. OMG They are brilliant! Love them! Just wait there will be a royal phone call any min now...LOL!

  4. These are amazing Sarah!! Looking forward to seeing what the other girls come up with now... ;)

  5. lol ... I love them, they're fabulous!!! And now that you've thrown down the gauntlet, I'd better get my thinking cap on!! Watch this space... ;)
    Love and hugs, Emma xxx

  6. I can see them being made full of confetti for your Sister's Big Day!! So good to hear she got engaged  xx