Crazy Day!

Today was a funny day, I had some errands to run this morning and ended up having a panic attack in the middle of the High Road - no idea what brought it on! Anyhow, luckily enough I managed to get OH on the phone and he talked me down a bit until I was calm and then I got home to a steaming mug of Earl Grey and a Buttered Scone - yum! Enough to sort anyone out ;o)

I got a few hours of design work done but I think the days earlier events had somewhat taken their toll and I had to have a little disco nap this afternoon! Luckily that really helped so now I can work all night to catch up - yay! I also have to make a start on the DT badges for the new girls, with their personalised little characters, I have such fun doing those!

Sorry its such a quick post, I promise tomorrow's will be more exciting!

Sarah x


  1. No, no, no you do not work all night, bad girl, bad girl!

  2. I hear ya Sarah, I've been suffering with bipolarism (manic depressio) and agoraphobia with daily panic attacks (even when just sitting in my flat). So I totally empathise. It's a daily fight, anyhoo, I hope you've enjoyed the scones ! :) Xoxoxo