Drawing with Scissors

Over the last few weeks I've been working on lots of illustrations for various things which i'm not allowed to show, some of my favourite ones have been collage illustrations or 'drawing with scissors' as I like to call it... I picture the scene in my head, settle myself down with all my scraps left over from crafting and start cutting. I never draw out the shapes first, I like to just let them appear - if I make a mistake I don't have to rub out or repaint I just get another paper scrap and start again and keep going until I'm happy. Sometimes I add crackle paint, texture medium, stickles or pen marks to make shade and texture and my Derwent Artists Tools to make textures.

As I can't show any of those I've done and I've been dying to share, I stayed up last night creating another quick one that I thought I could later frame and use in my hallway at home - I just love home and house scenes!

and some close ups showing the textures added, bricks, roof tiles, tree bark, leaves etc....

Thanks for letting me share!

I'm off to answer a few e-mails and get ready for my date tonight (with B of course! LOL)

Sarah x


  1. That's brilliant, love it, adore the clouds and washing on the line :-)

  2. such a fun creation.
    Enjoy your date night!

  3. stunning work, love that little house, the picket fence and the clothesline, so cute!