One Punch, 2 Cards...

More Kuretake projects for you today!

Another of the products I was given was this fabulous "Windmill" punch (obssessed with punches at the moment, need more more more!! LOL) I love this because it reminds me of the windmills you used to get on the beach as a child but this punch is really small and I was trying to figure out a way of using this and captuing the "beach windmill" thing.

So on this first card I kept it very simple just using the punch on some very bright coloured card, only adding a stamped sentiment and using my Kuretake writer pen to add in the lines...

While I was punching them out I thought they would also make pretty cute little flowers to make into a bouquet, I added a dragonfly (another Kuretake punch) and drew in the stems and Dragonfly whizzy line thingy (you know what I mean!) A touch of stickles to the flower centres and dragonfly wings and the same stamped sentiment.

Shows how you can get two completely different looks from the same basic materials!

Apologies for the shadowy pics - the sunlight was REALLY bright in my studio this morning and it made it almost impossible to get any pictures at all!

Another long night of work ahead of me as I'm working simultaneously on some craft and illustration projects and planning some more new product launches - details soon! It's a killer schedule but I have 2 days off at my parents house next week to look forward to - yay!

Sarah x


  1. looks like it would make some WONDERFUL confetti x

  2. This is a fun punch. I too am addicted to punches. And I think I need more as well :)

  3. I like how you showed the punch used differently. What a nice contrast.
    I think I will try a project like this.
    thanks for the inspiration.
    And your cards are great.

  4. Oh cute cards! What a versatile punch-I had to look twice at the flower bouquet to see that it was the same punch!

  5. cool cards!! :) have fun next week xox

  6. Oh I love the windmills on the beach card!!! My Grandparents used to live atthe seaside and that is one thing I insisted on getting every Summer holiday. They always ended up in the garden as bird scarers. I should have patented that idea! LoL. Take Care Sarah xxx