One Day Deal!!

I've had such a fun, happy and exciting week that I wanted to 'share the love' so to speak... so for one day I will be offering one kit in my shop for just 30 cents (about 20p depending on the exchange rate!) yes, I must be crazy! lol.

If you pop over to my shop, it shouldn't take you too long to find it, especially if you like Steampunk *BIG HINT ALERT* this is not limited to any amount so please tell your friends, share on your blogs / twitter / facebook etc... and take your time to have a look around my shop at the other crafty lovelines, especially if you haven't visited before!

Don't forget, to stay up to date with my newest products, work, news, offers and freebies, you can sign up to my Facebook page or Twitter or just join me here on my blog!

I hope you too will spread a little happiness and joy today, even if its only telling someone about this post.

Thanks for dropping by today!
Sarah x

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