Promarker & Flexmarker Colour Charts

Just a quick post from me as I've now been awake almost 20 hours and need my bed! lol.

Just wanted to thank everyone for tuning into my Create and Craft shows for Letraset today, they were really fun and I'm so pleased we had some sellouts! Also, a big thank you to those of you who emailed the show and me, tweeted, facebooked etc... I have read every single one of your messages and they have made my day - thank you!

I promised on the show that I would post up the additional colour charts I had made up (you can get the ones for the standard colours and sets here on the Letraset website) these ones I've done are for the additional and seasonal colours, just click on each one to zoom, then right click and save or download a ZIP file of all of them here.
Over the next few days I will post up some of the projects shown on the show along with the colours used (where I can remember!) I hope you managed to get your Promarkers today (that gift set was fab!)

Now I'm off for a much needed snooze!
Thank you for dropping by today
Sarah x


  1. You were fabulous Sarah loved your colouring demo's really helpful and thankyou for the colour chart's. Go and have a good rest now you deserve it. Caroline xxx

  2. I missed you on tv?!! Sorry about that but by the looks of what Caroline says and what you say, it all went really well. Fantastic! Hope you're revelling in the success! I'm happy just with a photo of my card in the Craftseller magazine, so can't imagine how hard you've had to work and how good you now feel after a successful first show.

  3. love all your work such a isnperation and skin practice sheets saved me so much time reprinting